Hello, we’re Chelsea and Brian.

Hi! We're Brian Fisher, and Chelsea Blank (yep, Blank...nope, not kidding!). We met in January 2015, and to be honest, didn't really even like each other at first. But we were bored so we kept hanging out. And then we fell in love! We spent 6 months apart while Chelsea lived in Honduras, teaching english and reading in a tiny village called Copan Ruinas. It sucked to be apart, there's no way around it. But we did it!

In the summer of 2018, we bought our first RV, and adopted Bert the RV pup. We are hoping to hit the road by spring 2020. What follows is an account of our journey.

If you’re interested in seeing our photography, please visit www.chelseabrian.com

Now that's enough about us, we want to hear, and tell,  your story! 

Top photos by Natural Intuition Photography https://www.naturalintuitionphoto.com/